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Ayana VIP Card

Gain access to a VIP Program that rewards you based on your loyalty. Collect points on every purchases that gives discounts, get access to highly discounted packages and duration based offers.

VIP Member Benefits

Gain access to a base discount value of 20% as soon as you have the VIP Card. This discount does not apply to the VIP Packages as those are already heavily discounted and are made specifically for VIP Members.

Earn points every time you pay for any service (this means you even earn points when you choose a VIP Package or VIP Offer).

By earning points you get 10% increased discount for every 5000 Points. The maximum discount rate you can receive is 40%.

Initial VIP Discount: 20%
5000 Points: 30%
10000 Points: 40%

The permanent packages are available to VIP Members as a timeless advantage they can always choose. For exact offers please check in the below tabs.

All duration based offers are temporary offers that are only available within advertised timeframe. For more details about which offers are currently available please check the tabs below.

These event offers are available for birthdays, weddings or other special events. Please check in below tabs for current available offers.

How to get VIP Card

In order to gain access to all of our VIP advantages you need to purchase a VIP card (50 Dhs). This card can be ordered in any Ayana Beauty & Spa. The Card has a 1 year duration. Once the expiry date has been passed you are no longer eligible for any discounts unless you renew your card. Any acquired points after expiration or renewal has to be re-earned.

Princess Nana

500 Dhs

Sultana Meso

500 Dhs

The First Lady

500 Dhs

Queen Beero

500 Dhs

Birthday and wedding offers here.

Privacy Agreement

Ayana Beauty & Spa takes your privacy seriously and endeavors to protect your details; no personal information will be distributed to any third party organizations.
We cannot take responsibility for undelivered marketing or products in which details provided by you were incomplete or incorrect. If your details are complete and correct, emails may be altered through to your Spam or Junk email folders.
It is your responsibility to be aware of this, however if you believe there is another issue please contact us by emailing or see a staff member in store.

1 VIP Card Acquisition
1.1 Vip Card is issued after payment has been made in a local store.
1.2 The Vip Card has a 12 month duration.
1.3 The VIP Card provides discounts on all products unless specified on this page. Additionally you get access to VIP Special Offer Packages.

2 VIP Card Conditions
2.1 The VIP card is not transferrable to any other person and can only be used by the person who has signed the card.
It is the card holder’s responsibility to present their card at the time of purchase; if the VIP card is not presented during the transaction, discounts cannot be obtained.
2.2  The VIP Card remains the property of Ayana Beauty and Spa. Management reserves the right to specify exclusions and preconditions at any time, without prior notification.
2.3 Ayana Beauty & Spa VIP Card can be used at any Ayana Beauty & Spa.
2.4 Card holders may subject to exclusive VIP discounts and other offers.
2.5 Every 12 months (from card issue date) the VIP Card will expire and a new card must be purchased in a local Ayana Beauty & Spa in order to gain discount benefits. This means acquired points have to be re-earned to receive 40% discount.
2.6 Management reserves the right to select product items which can/cannot be given discounts for.

3 Lost/Stolen Cards
3.1  Lost or stolen Rewards cards will incur a 50 Dhs replacement fee. All details and days will be replaced for the remaining duration of the new card.
3.2  Discount cannot be redeemed without presentation of the card that is within expiration date that is printed on the card.

4 Communications
4.1  By purchasing the VIP Card, this permits Ayana Beauty & Spa and YAS Group to send offers, rewards and any marketing communications via the communication channels provided (i.e. email, SMS, direct mail).
4.2  Management reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without notification.

By signing the back of your VIP Card, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Ayana Beauty & Spa.