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Facial Care

Ayana offers a broad spectrum of facial treatments to cover all your skin needs Please consult with our facial care specialist for a deeper understanding in which service to choose.

With this treatment you will activate the skin defences in an “intelligent” way so that your face “breathes” better.

The oxygen treatment makes the skin feel prepared to face the consequences of environmental stress and lack of skin oxygenation. It is mainly used for skin that needs to activate and strengthen its defences to prevent premature ageing and can be used at any time of the year.

A treatment that removes white and black heads in the skin. It keeps the pores clean. It lastly normalizes the PH Value of the skin.

Our exclusive anti-aging facial treatment is a Micro-Dermoxine and Pro-Collagestine Fill technology that combines to neutralise and inhibit micro-tensions whilst increasing natural collagen and elastin production.

The Lifting Treatment is made to restore firmness while lifting facial features. It has a filling action both in volume and density while fading wrinkles. With flaccidity in the skin beginning in the deepest layers, the treatment works at the root of the problem to rebuild and restructure the dermis, transforming the skin from the inside out.

The whitening treatment will effectively minimise existing darkspots and will control their appearance. The use of this treatment will be visible by several skin tone changes. Effects of this treatment causes a beautiful luminosity and uniformity for your skin. It can be used any time of the year however taking the precaution that if the treatment is carried out in summer, you should not expose your skin to the sun and should protect it with high or very high factors.

The mini facial is a express exfoliation which acts like a refreshing treatment. It will remove dead skin and increases hydration while providing better reflection.

The pigmentation treatment is an advanced exfoliation peel to eliminate dead skin cells, detoxify the dermis and reduce congestion. Formulated with Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), wrinkles and pigmentation are reduced and the skin is left more balanced and hydrated, enhancing the effects of subsequent treatments.

The application of the Acne Treatment on spots helps them to disappear in a short time. The skin shows a healthier and purer appearance. Utilizing advanced Alpha hydroxy acids, salicylic acid, oleanolic sebum-regulating acid and other extracts results in less scarring and intense purifying there by erasing the uncomfortable appearance of spots.

The Delicate Facial Treatment is a blend of natural plant extracts and oils combine with exclusive technologies to restore the stratum corneum; the outermost layer of the skin which creates sensitivity when damaged. The natural defence mechanisms of the skin cells are stimulated, increasing the skin’s tolerance level and providing a comforting and soothing sensation.

The Hydracure Facial Treatment aims to provide high hydration, through our unique “Hydractive” blend of ingredients including Hyaluronic acid and natural spring water from the Izumo Yumura thermal spring in Japan. Your skin is provided with the natural healing ability to retain moisture.

The Luminous C Facial is an anti-oxidising action of Vitamin C+ with the “anti-glycation” technology. A magnificent provision of firmness and suppleness that improves the colour, luminosity and hydration of the skin – which also includes anti-aging effects.

Quick Fix 50 Dhs
Eye Makeup 150 Dhs
Normal Makeup 300 Dhs
Arabic Makeup 300 Dhs
Bridal Makeup 300 Dhs