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Nail Care

Keep your nails looking in great condition for all occasions. When it comes to nail care we follow strict standards which helps maintain the youthful look of your nails and cuticles. Ayana Beauty & Spa offers astonishing gel nail art and consulting so you are properly informed.

Basic (cleaning)
Manicure 60 Dhs
Pedicure 70 Dhs
Combo 125 Dhs
Gel Polish (full color)
Manicure 110 Dhs
Pedicure 130 Dhs
Combo 235 Dhs
Express (full color)
Manicure 75 Dhs
Pedicure 85 Dhs
Combo 145 Dhs
Gel Polish (french)
Manicure 130 Dhs
Pedicure 155 Dhs
Combo 255 Dhs
Manicure 80 Dhs
Pedicure 95 Dhs
Combo 155 Dhs
Paraffin Treatment
Manicure 135 Dhs
Pedicure 160 Dhs
Combo 245 Dhs


French 235 Dhs
Natural 210 Dhs
With Tip
French 305 Dhs
Natural 260 Dhs
French 350 Dhs
Natural 260 Dhs
Polish Change 20 Dhs Polish Removal 5 Dhs Freehand Nail Art (per nail) 10 Dhs
Polish Change (gel) 80 Dhs Gell Polish Removal 40 Dhs Gel Polish Nail Art (per nail) 30 Dhs
French Polish Change 50 Dhs Callus Off 85 Dhs  Gel Polish Nail Art (full set) 200 Dhs
Natural Nail Repair 40 Dhs Foot Spa 130 Dhs